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    Microsoft has selected the free games that Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners can download in October for its Games for Gold program, which includes the debut of a new indie game for the Xbox One, Chariot.

    People who own the Xbox One and are signed up for the paid Xbox Live Gold program will be able to download Chariot for free from October 1-31. Here's a quick description:

    Chariot, the newest ID@Xbox game from Canadian developers Frima, is a couch co-op platformer that can be played alone or with a friend. Players take the role of the brave Princess or her faithful Fiancé as they maneuver the departed king's coffin-on-wheels through 25 levels set in five vibrant underground environments, with his majesty's ghost giving them a piece of his mind every step of the way. Filled to the brim with emergent physics-based gameplay, Chariot offers hours of exciting exploration, fast-paced ride sequences and mountains upon mountains of loot!"

    Xbox 360 owners can download two older games; Electronic Arts' modern military first person shooter Battlefield: Bad Company 2 from October 1-15 and Darksiders II, the fantasy action sequel from the now defunct Vigil Games and THQ from October 16-31. Will you be downloading and playing one or more of these games next month?

    Source: Xbox Wire


    Respawn Entertainment has now released the third and final DLC pack for its hit sci-fi shooter Titanfall for the Xbox One, adding three new maps to the game for the price of $9.99.

    One of the maps is called Backwater, described as being "defined by its elevation changes." Another is called Zone 18, which will have a "fast paced environment with two main sections divided by a central supply path." Finally there is Sand Trap, which gets this description:

    "In the center is a buried bunker inspired by the buried architecture in Fracture; this lets Titans stomp around above while pilots scurry below. Across the map are deep trenches that create a well-run highway for pilots; inspired by wall running in Rise they give quick and (relatively) safe routes across the map."

    IMC Rising costs $9.99 for Titanfall users, or they can purchase it for $24.99 as part of the Titanfall Season Pass which gives users access to all three map packs. The Xbox 360 version of IMC Rising will be released soon. What do you think of this final map pack for Titanfall.

    Source: Titanfall site

    Xbox One launch exclusives Dead Rising 3, Forza 5, and Ryse getting GOTY Editions

    The Xbox One launched with three exclusive retail titles last year: Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5, and Ryse: Son of Rome. Did you buy the system at launch or shortly thereafter, but miss out on some of those games? Or maybe you're planning to jump in with one of this fall's bundles, such as the Madden, Sunset Overdrive, and Call of Duty bundles.

    If you still want any of the big launch games, you're in luck. GameStop has outed the October release of "Game of the Year" Editions (GOTY) for all three launch exclusives. These new editions will bundle the main games with some or all of their downloadable content (DLC), making them quite a bargain if you haven't got those games already. Even luckier for our awesome readers, we're here to share impressions of each game and what their new editions will offer.

    All three Game of the Year Editions will cost $49.99. No word yet on whether the new editions will be available as downloadable purchases, but I certainly hope so.

    Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition

    The Dead Rising series is known for its mixture of zombie horror, oddball comedy, and massive hordes of enemies on-screen at once. Part three suffers from an unfortunate brown color scheme, but otherwise everything players love from previous games has been improved upon.

    The world is completely open now and filled with drivable vehicles, providing plenty of chances for gory road. Two-player online co-op and robust SmartGlass support further round out this impressive exclusive. Check out our preview for more details.

    The Apocalypse Edition came to Steam earlier this month, where it sells for $49.99. The Xbox One version looks to be identical in content. In addition to the base game, you'll get:

    • Operation Broken Eagle: Play as Ops Commander Adam Kane as he attempts to capture the nation's missing President.
    • Fallen Angel: Play as all-new character Angel Quijano as she fights to keep a group of survivors safe from zombies.
    • Chaos Rising: Play as renegade biker Hunter Thibodeux as he breaks out of prison, seeks revenge, and fights to regain control of his gang.
    • The Last Agent: Play as Brad Park, a ZDC Agent who learns the unhappy truths about his employers and the cause of the zombie outbreak.

    That's $40 worth of DLC, or $30 worth if one were to buy the Season Pass. DLC vehicles, weapons, and outfits carry over to the main game.

    Dead Rising 3 Fallen Angel DLC

    Not included in the Apocalypse Edition is the "Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha" released during E3 in June. That final DLC pack adds a 4-player online mode, new playable characters, and a slew of unlockable outfits based on classic Capcom games like Street Fighter, Final Fight, and Ghosts 'N Goblins. It's a pretty desirable add-on, and well worth its price of $9.99 at

    The Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition should be arriving on Wednesday, October 8th. GameStop lists it at a 36 GB installation.

    Forza 5 Racing Game of the Year Edition

    The Forza series is known for its hyper realistic simulation aspects. Forza 5 is a pure simulation, unlike the more arcade-style Forza Horizon 2 (which launches next week). But even the mainline Forza games allow players to toggle various assists that can make driving manageable for beginners. I'm no racing expert, and I swear by the green race line that tells you where and when to turn and slow down.

    Forza 5 is a beautiful game, its engine running in 1080p at 60 frames per second. The cars and tracks are recreated down to the minutest details. The game also uses the power of the cloud to populate single-player session with Drivatars. These are AI versions of your actual Xbox Live friends and other players, created from their personal racing styles. Naturally, Forza 5 supports online races for up to 16 players as well.

    Forza 5

    GameStop lists Forza 5 Racing GOTY Edition as including 17 racetracks on disc, a number which includes all of tracks like the Nurburgring that were released as free DLC. Certainly it will be nice not having to download them separately – players can just install the 40 GB disc directly.

    According to the store listing and cover art, this new edition will include 10 bonus downloadable cars. If that'd all the GOTY Edition includes over the original release, it will be lacking the majority of Forza 5's 60 DLC cars (which cost $50 when bought as a Season Pass). Hopefully they're all included, otherwise this version is really just a $10 better value than the original disc. Better than nothing, I suppose! We should find out between now and the Thursday, October 9th date listed at GameStop.

    Ryse Legendary Edition

    This epic action game takes place during the times of the Roman Empire. The game follows the lift of Marius Titus from his childhood into his days as a general. Marius eventually embarks on a quest to avenge the deaths of his family at the orders of the villainous Nero.

    Of the three major Xbox One launch exclusives, Ryse has been widely praised as the most visually impressive of the bunch. Although it runs at 900p instead of 1080p, Ryse features lavish environments and extremely detailed characters. You still won't find many prettier Xbox One games.

    Those looks might be a case of style over substance though, as some gamers find Ryse's game play repetitive. It mostly consists of hack-and-slash battles. Players will need to carefully manage attacks, blocking, and movement in order to come out alive – and slice their enemies to pieces. There are also some mild strategic aspects as you command troops in battle, but they largely take a backseat to the combat.

    Ryse's campaign is a bit on the short side at six hours or so, although it offers multiple difficulty levels to encourage replay. An online cooperative multiplayer mode allows two players to team up and engage in fights within the Roman Colosseum.

    GameStop's listing shares an October 9th release date but doesn't currently describe the addition content of the Legendary Edition. Still, the contents of this particular game were already leaked by Belgian retailer Game Mania.


    The Legendary Edition adds the following to Ryse:

    • Four add-on packs: The Colosseum Pack ($4), Duel of Fates Pack ($6), Morituri Pack ($8), and Mars' Chosen Pack ($9). All are currently available together in the $20 Season Pass as well. Together, they add 14 co-op maps, six Gladiator skins, and several alternate single-player maps.
    • Three solo maps: These appear to be exclusive to the Legendary Edition.
    • A bonus Legionary Skin

    The Legendary Edition Bonus Pack appears on, but can't be purchased right now. Either Microsoft plans to sell the above contents as an upgrade (essentially replacing the Season Pass), or the pack is a separate download for buyers of the retail Legendary Edition. The upcoming Steam version will include the Season Pass content but (apparently) not the new Xbox One bonus content.

    The right time to buy?

    The bundling of console games with their downloadable content as Game of the Year Editions is a common practice. It allows the publisher to keep a game selling at retail, as well as encouraging new players to join in those games' multiplayer modes. Consumers benefit as well, since the GOTY Editions usually represent a better value than a game and its DLC separately.

    How do you guys feel about Dead Rising 3 Apocalypse Edition, Forza 5 Racing Game of the Year Edition, and Ryse Legendary Edition? Will you be picking up any of these updated releases?

    FIFA 15 Companion for Windows Phone

    FIFA 15 just landed on Xbox One, and now there's a companion app for Windows Phone available for those that want to manage their squads, formations, and bid on players. The market is available so you can load up on consumable power ups or play packs. For those looking for the full experience on Windows Phone alone, FIFA 15 Ultimate Team launched earlier this week.

    Here's a quick feature breakdown.

    • New Feature: Concept Squads – A powerful squad planning tool
    • Manage your FUT Squads by optimizing Chemistry, Formations, and Players
    • Find and bid on players on the FUT Transfer Market
    • Sell players with the FUT Transfer List
    • Purchase packs from the FUT Store
    • Access your EA SPORTS Football Club Activity, News, and Notifications

    How many of you guys are playing FIFA 15 on Xbox One? How about the mobile version?

    512MB RAM devices supported

    QR: FIFA 15 Companion

    KickBeat Special Edition review Xbox One

    Zen Studios is best known for Pinball FX2, but this week they released two totally different games for Xbox One: CastleStorm: Definitive Edition and KickBeat: Special Edition. KickBeat started out on Playstation 3 and Vita, finally arriving on Xbox One today in this new edition.

    If music games are usually too sterile or non-violent for you, prepare for a beating. KickBeat is a martial arts rhythm featuring an authentic Kung Fu movie-style story and plenty of hard-hitting music to fight to. This Special Edition shakes things up with an expanded soundtrack. Just prepare for a few beatdowns as you adjust to the game's fierce learning curve.

    Defend the music

    Kickbeat's story mode unfolds through motion comic-style animation with fairly good voice acting. As the game begins, we meet Lee and Mei, two students of Master Fu – the leader of a fighting monk sect called the Order of the Melodic Fist. The order guards an artifact that literally controls all of the music in the world. When the evil Radio Earth organization steals the artifact, only Lee and Mei can get it back.

    Despite the silly premise, I found the story interesting. When you get a new cinematic after three fights or so, it feels like a genuine reward. The actual story is divided up into two halves, the first following Lee and the other his female teammate Mei.

    KickBeat: Special Edition Xbox One

    Kick (Butt) to the Beat

    Before you even think of beginning the story mode, you'll need to stop by Training Mode first. That's annoying, because in most games you can jump in and expect any necessary tutorial information to be revealed as you play. Here, you can probably make it through a few fights on your own, but without learning the finer mechanics in Training, you'll find yourself unable to progress before long.

    Each level of KickBeat consists of the hero standing in a circle and fighting all oncomers. This lasts until that level's song ends or you run out of life. Sounds like a beat 'em up, plays like a music game. Let me explain…

    After circling around you, enemies will only approach from the four cardinal directions. Each of these directions represents the controller's four face buttons: X, Y, A, and B. When one of your aggressors steps forward, that button label will appear under his feet. That's the time to hit the button, which will knock him out. (Alternately, you can use the d-pad.)

    It's okay to hit a little too early or late. You'll get less points and a message indicating the discrepancy, but you'll initially be more worried about survival than high scores. Score determines your star rating though, which contributes towards unlockables and Achievements.

    KickBeat: Special Edition Xbox One

    Managing the hordes of foes

    Tap the button when an enemy steps forward – sure, that's not too tough. Things get hairy when differently colored enemies join the gray. The bad guys get different skins for each area in the campaign, but their colors are what set them apart. They come in three varieties:

    • Yellow: Standard enemies, not too tricky.
    • Blue: Enemies that attack from different locations in rapid succession.
    • Red: Enemies that attack in groups of 2-3 simultaneously. Miss any member of a red pair or trio and you'll take a hit.

    It doesn't matter so much whether an enemy is blue or yellow, but those red guys are a priority threat. The problem I have with the reds is simple: the colored outlines of the enemies are just too hard to see. I often take hits from red enemies before I can even realize they're red. Colorblind players would have an even harder time.

    The other issue difficulty-wise is that watching the circle and determining the proper order of attack simply gets too hard on the higher difficulties (and sometimes even Normal). Most rhythm games like Dance Dance Revolution give you time to glance at upcoming beats as they scroll across the screen. Here, you just frantically evaluate the four points of the circle and hope you don't mistake which enemy comes next. Not intuitive.

    Also, some pairs of enemies have a colored ribbon between them. You have to tap and hold the button when the first foe steps up, and release when his companion takes his turn. Not so bad.

    Some enemies have items above their heads. To actually get those items, you have to double tap the button instead of single-tap. That takes some fast fingers, but it's a rewarding mechanic. Rewarding until you accidentally double tap and enemy without an item and get penalized with a miss. This game is tricky on the brains, yo.

    Tap the Right Trigger or Bumper to activate items like the shield, and Left Trigger or Bumper to start a brief score multiplier.

    KickBeat: Special Edition Xbox One

    Unlockable modes, multiplayer, and music

    Reaching a certain point in the campaign will unlock Survival Mode. Playing song after song until you run out of life sounds fun enough… But for reasons not known to mortal man, Zen locked Survival to the highest difficulty level. It is far too tough to be fun, essentially making the mode worthless to most players.

    You'll also unlock a local 2-player mode after defeating the helicopter boss (surely a nod to Jet Set Radio). Choose between the two protagonists and whichever enemies you have enough stars to unlock, and then play a song together (no story here). The screen is split vertically down the middle so that each person a separate group of baddies to bash. Unfortunately, the smaller view makes it even harder to see those bothersome red enemies.

    KickBeat: Special Edition Xbox One

    You can also unlock a Visualizer. Choose a few vaguely defined variables and a playlist. Then watch and listen along as the computer fights to the music. It's actually pretty entertaining, as long as you like the music.

    Speaking of the soundtrack, the 24 songs come from 11 different artists. They tend to be hard rock or rap, styles that fit the game well. On the other hand, six electronica tracks from enV made the cut too (all originating from a game called Electronic Super Joy). I love 'em. A good soundtrack all in all (especially given the game's budgetary limitations), but "Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting" should have been included too.

    KickBeat: Special Edition Xbox One


    Most of KickBeat's 40 Achievements will take no small amount of skill to unlock. You have your typical music game goals like five-starring all the songs, and doing so on the higher difficulties. The higher difficulty Achievements are going to be beyond the reach of many (including me). Beating the final battle on one of the highest difficulties without taking a hit? I don't even want to think about it.

    KickBeat: Special Edition Xbox One

    Overall Impression

    Kickbeat is a really clever concept. You can tell the devs put tons of love into mechanics, character animation, and story. It pays off with a great vibe, And the game is really fun on Normal Mode, once you get over the learning curve.

    I fear that some players will skip the tutorial or never get a grasp on some of the mechanics, even if they don't skip it. The gameplay could have used more fine-tuning so that the higher difficulty levels and Survival Mode would be fun instead of nigh-impossible for many of us. Perhaps we'll get a more refined sequel someday.

    I'm glad to see Zen making new types of games, especially creative ones like KickBeat: Special Edition. If you like music games and can handle a challenge, grab this one and start saving the music.

    • KickBeat: Special Edition – Xbox One – 880 MB – $9.99 – Link

    xbox one china

    Microsoft has now launched the Xbox One in China, as it becomes the first Western game console to be sold legally in that country in 14 years.

    While the Chinese government may have lifted the ban on game consoles sales, Bloomberg reports that the country will have to approve every Xbox One game for sale. Indeed, just 10 games are available for the Xbox One's Chinese launch, and most of them don't have a lot of violent content. Microsoft says it is working to bring 70 more games to the Xbox One Chinese audience, including titles in the Halo and Killer Instinct franchise that definitely have violent visuals.

    xbox one china

    WPDang reports that Microsoft is selling a limited edition "China Day One" version of the Xbox One that includes the Kinect sensor along with several free games, including Kinect Sports Rivals, Forza Motorsport 5, Powerstar Golf and Neverwinter Online. Do you think Microsoft will be successful with the Xbox One in China?

    Source: Bloomberg, WPDang

    xbox one

    If you own a game console like the Xbox One, the chances are good that you are using it for more than just playing games. According to a new study conducted by Parks Associates, 44 percent of the 10,000 US homes that were surveyed that have at least one connected CE device consider their game console their primary device to access non-gaming Internet content, such as streaming video services like Netflix.

    According to Parks Associates:

    "Two-thirds of U.S. broadband households currently have at least one connected CE device. Smart TVs trail gaming consoles as the second most commonly used connected CE device. Twelve percent of U.S. broadband households with an Internet-connected CE use a streaming media player most frequently, and only 9% use a connected Blu-ray player most frequently ..."

    game console

    Among game console owners, about three out of four of them use it to access non-gaming content online at least once a week, and almost 40 percent access such content for more than 10 hours per week.

    Source: Parks Associates via Ars Technica

    Making of Spectra

    Microsoft has published a new documentary on Xbox One looking into the world of Interactive Gateway, a UK-based games studio behind the title Spectra. Louis Deane and his colleagues talk about how the startup joined the Microsoft Ventures accelerator and how the game itself came to be. If you're not familiar with Spectra, it's a retro arcade-style racing game, which makes good use of an awesome soundtrack to produce a procedurally generated experience.

    It's an interesting look at how a young studio can make use of available Microsoft programs to break through into the competitive industry to produce work enjoyed by millions of gamers worldwide. We recommend you sit out the video, especially if you're looking at video game development or are simply interested in how Spectra made its way to Xbox and Windows.

    The presentation itself is 12 minutes long, so grab a cold beverage before hitting play. We managed to have a quick chat with Deane at Microsoft Ventures and wish both himself and the team at Interactive Gateway all the best in future endeavours. Check out the documentary on your Xbox One and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

    Season's greetings everyone! Xbox Season (aka empty wallet season) officially begins this week with the launch of Forza Horizon 2, Microsoft's first AAA exclusive of the holiday season. The highly anticipated action RPG, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor and investigative adventure game Crimes & Punishments: Sherlock Holmes also hit retail and digital shelves this week. And starting tomorrow, Xbox Live Gold members can download the new co-op platformer Chariot for free. That's a lot of fun in store for Xbox One owners!

    Forza Horizon 2

    Race the streets of Southern Europe.

    All of you racing fans get ready to put the rubber to the road when Forza Horizon 2 from Playground Games and Microsoft Studios releases this week! The game centers itself around a massive music festival where racing culture and music culture clash. Race around parts of Southern France and Northern Italy such as Côte d'Azu and Tuscany while jamming out to nearly 150 songs curated by BBC radio host Rob da Bank.

    Some of FH2's biggest additions this year include a dynamic weather system and the introduction of Forza Motorsport 5's Drivatar system. We hope to see you guys on the streets now that Forza Horizon 2 has launched. Stay tuned for our full review, coming later today!

    Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

    There is only one Lord of the Ring.

    Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor is probably the biggest RPG game of the year, but the fact that this one takes place in The Lord of the Rings universe makes this one even more special. In Shadow of Mordor you take on the role of Talion, a ranger of Gondor's who gets murdered along with his family. He is then revived with new wraith-like abilities and charges into Mordor to seek revenge.

    SoM's most talked about feature is the Nemesis Sytem. Every enemy a player faces is unique and differentiated by their personality, strengths and weaknesses. These enemies are created by their encounters with the player to create personal arch-enemies. For example, if a player is killed by an enemy, that enemy will be promoted, gains new armor and abilities, and will even have a new introductory taunt the next time you encounter him. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor is now available.

    Crimes & Punishments: Sherlock Holmes

    Solve mysteries as fiction's greatest detective.

    The latest game in the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes series draws inspiration from Dostoyevsky's novel Crimes and Punishment. Taking place in a gritty version of Victorian-era London, Holmes will investigate six different cases. The great detective has 14 different investigative mechanics at his disposal. One such mechanic is "Sherlock Vision," a feature inspired by BBC's Sherlock TV series. As Holmes looks around, his vision will highlight evidence that bears examination. Likewise, his thoughts and observations will appear as text on-screen. The game really dramatizes Sherlock's hyper-observant and analytical mind.

    Naturally, Sherlock has the ability to select the suspect of the crime. From there, he can choose what to do with him or her as well. Will he give her to the police, or sympathize with her plight and let her go? He can even choose two suspects for a crime, making things even more complicated. One of the game's themes is the blame and regret that Sherlock feels about his actions.

    We'll have a full review of this one soon!


    The princess and the chariot.

    This week, Microsoft gives Gold members a special treat: Chariot will be free on launch day. Chariot is about a princess who is given the job to put her father's remains in its final resting place. However, her fiancé must assist her with her task because the chariot is extremely heavy and must be guided through dangerous and elaborate mazes.

    The game is a platformer filled with puzzle solving and physics-based gameplay. One unique thing here is that it only offers couch co-op, which will surely add a different dynamic to the gameplay. Chariot launches tomorrow on Xbox One.

    What new game are you looking forward to playing this week?


    Two more apps have just been added to the Xbox One ecosystem. One of them offers a way to check out the content on the VH1 cable TV network, while the other is geared toward fan of the Forza game franchise.

    If you haven't watched VH1 lately, you might not know that the channel has pretty much ditched playing music videos in favor of lots of original reality TV shows. The Xbox One VH1 app allows users to watch full episodes of series like Dating Naked, Couples Therapy and more. The app does require a subscription to a cable TV provider.

    Meanwhile, just in time for the launch of Forza Horizon 2, Microsoft has released the Forza Hub app for the Xbox One. Players of that game and 2013's Forza Motorport 5 can use the app to keep track of their own progress in each game and compare their statistics with friends. The app also offers access to free in-game cars and credits just by using it.

    What do you think of these new apps?

    Source: Xbox Wire, Videogamer

    Minecraft: Xbox One Edition will land in stores November 18

    Minecraft fans will be happy to know that the game will be arriving for Xbox One starting November 18. Minecraft: Xbox One Edition will land in stores for $19.99 and users who have played the game on Xbox 360 could easily transfer their creations and most downloadable content to the new Xbox One Edition game. Users who have played the Xbox 360 Edition can also upgrade to the Xbox One Edition for just $4.99.

    Are you excited to play Minecraft on your Xbox One? Let us know.

    Source: Xbox News


    Xbox One Stereo Headset is on sale right now over at Groupon for $49.99. If you've been looking for a great sounding yet affordable headset this is definitely one to go with especially with it being 38% off.

    Xbox One Headset Groupon

    The headset features two 40mm neodymium speakers to give you a full-range audio experience even when your girlfriend is asleep. The microphone on the headset offers a frequency response of 100Hz - 10Khz. This headset is made to allow you to play for hours on end with its comfortable design. Included is Microsoft's Xbox One Headset Adapter, which allows you to plug in the headset into your controller instead of having to wire it directly to your console.

    One huge advantage of the adapter is that it also lets you adjust the volume of the game and chat so that you can focus on what you want to hear. Head to the link below to get yours! But act fast, the deal is live for just two more days.

    Source: Groupon


    If you like cool new indie games, then you owe it to yourself to check out Chariot. This 2D platformer from developer Frima is now available for purchase for the Xbox One console and best of all, this game, which normally costs $14.99, will be free to download for the entire month of October for people who subscribe to the Xbox Live Gold service.

    Here's a quick description:

    "Chariot is a humorous, physics-based couch co-op platformer in which a brave Princess and her Fiancé carry a funeral wagon through ancient caves, fending off swarms of looters while amassing riches, to bury the King's remains in a worthy, gold-filled tomb. If only his majesty would keep quiet... The chariot's large wheels and long tethers allow the heroes to reach higher ground, swing across chasms and perform all sorts of impressive maneuvers. Extract riches from the very walls of the caves in multiple environments, and make your way to the exit by avoiding – or beating back – greedy looters as they attempt to steal your hard-earned loot! With skill-testing coordination mechanics and thrilling physics-based stunts required, Chariot will definitely please couch co-op enthusiasts as teamwork and cooperation unlock new possibilities."

    Do you plan to get Chariot for the Xbox One?

    Source: Xbox

    Xbox One

    The launch of the Xbox One may have been slightly delayed in China, but that does not seem to have affected sales of the console, as it is being reported that Microsoft managed to sell 100,000 units on launch day.

    The launch day drew in large crowds eagerly looking to pick up the console at most major retailers across the country. The enthusiasm for the console is justified as the Xbox One is the first major console from a Western brand to launch in China in over 14 years. While the console itself has been green lit for sale in the country, Chinese regulators have announced that each game has to be certified before it can go up for sale in the country.

    Currently, only 10 games are available for the console, although Microsoft has mentioned that it is working with the authorities in bringing over 70 games to the country soon, which includes its Halo franchise.

    Strong sales in China will be a huge boost to Microsoft's overall sales numbers as the software maker looks to bridge the divide with Sony's PlayStation 4.

    Do you think the Xbox One will be able to maintain the momentum in China?

    Source: LoadTheGame

    Xbox One

    A total of four people involved in an incredible plot to hack into multiple companies and steal intellectual property face various charges, including copyright infringement, identity theft and theft of trade secrets, infiltrating various video game companies and attempting to sell counterfeit Xbox One development kits prior to the console's launch last year.

    According to the Kotaku report:

    The various hacking schemes stretched back to January 2011, according to the [Department of Justice], and involve everything from the theft of the game Gears of War 3 nearly a year before its official release to the allegedly successful effort to sell a counterfeit pre-release Xbox One development kit on eBay for $5,000.

    Canadian David Polora and America Sanadodeh Nesheiwat are considered to have been working with Australian hacker SuperDaE. The report gets more interesting when we reach to the part covering Microsoft's Xbox One developer kits.

    It's alleged the two hackers conspired with two thieves to obtain Xbox One development kits from a secure building on Microsoft's Redmond campus. The indictment states that, "using stolen access credentials to a Microsoft building [the two alleged thieves] entered the building and stole three non-public versions of the Xbox One console." The group then attempted to sell counterfeit pre-release kits on eBay.

    The Department of Justice claims the US "has seized over $620,000 in cash and other proceeds related to the charged conduct" of said parties involved, while total damages range between $100-200 million. The two hackers, Polora and Nesheiwat, pleaded guilty and face up to five years in prison with potential fines of at least $250,000.

    Be sure to read through the Kotaku report for more details.

    Source: Kotaku