xbox originals

    A new report from Variety claims that Microsoft's Xbox division could cut back on its plans to fund and produce a series of original TV shows and specials. The changes could be made as part of the company's restructuring plans that will cause 18,000 employees to lose their jobs.

    The report, which uses unnamed sources, claims Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is now questioning the company's plans for the Xbox division to product original shows for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 game consoles, along with other Microsoft-based devices. Microsoft launched Xbox Studios in Santa Monica, California in 2012 and hired former CBS network executive Nancy Tellem to lead the division.

    In April, Microsoft announced a slate of shows, under the umbrella brand Xbox Originals that were either in active development or in the planning stages. Variety's report suggests that the Halo TV series, with Steven Spielberg serving as one of its executive producers, is still scheduled to be produced under an partnership with Showtime. However, the list of the other shows under the Xbox Originals banner are expected to be "significantly trimmed" thanks to Nadella's proposed changes.

    Microsoft also has a separate Halo digital live action series that's already in production and will be released this fall as part of the Xbox One Halo Master Chief Collection. What do you think of Microsoft possibly cutting back on its Xbox Originals plans?

    Update: Another report, this time from Re/code and once again based on unnamed sources, claims that Microsoft will slowly shut down Xbox Entertainment Studios, although projects that are still in production such as the Halo TV series will continue to be developed. The article did not state just how long it will take to fully close the studio, which has 200 team members.

    Source: Variety

    xbox one

    A leaked memo written by Microsoft's Xbox leader Phil Spencer has confirmed that the company will indeed cancel most of its earlier plans to fund and produce original TV shows, although some of them currently in production, such as the Halo live action projects, will continue to go forward.

    The memo, as first posted on The Verge, has Spencer offering the specifics of their plans to slowly shut down the TV production division, which launched in the fall of 2012 in Santa Monica, California in 2012 and with former CBS network executive Nancy Tellem leading the 200 team member division:

    One such plan is that, in the coming months, we expect to close Xbox Entertainment Studios. I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the accomplishments from the entire team in XES. They have built an impressive slate of original programming and pioneered interactive entertainment on Xbox, such as the innovative reality series 'Every Street United' that succeeded in uniting audiences around the globe during the recent World Cup. I am pleased that Nancy, Jordan and members of the XES team remain committed to new, original programming already in production like the upcoming documentary series 'Signal to Noise' whose first installment takes on the rise and fall of gaming icon Atari and of course, the upcoming game franchise series 'Halo: Nightfall,' and the 'Halo' Television series which will continue as planned with 343 Industries.

    Spencer added that the changes will not affect the many Xbox One and Xbox 360 app partnerships the company already has with a number of entertainment content providers. It seems clear that the Xbox division, under the leadership of Spencer, will concentrate nearly all of its efforts on game development and publishing.

    What do you think about Microsoft putting near all of its Xbox plans in the "game" basket from now on?

    Source: The Verge

    Microsoft offers 00 off Xbox One if you trade in your old console

    Microsoft is reviving its $100 trade-in promotion so users get to take $100 off the price of the Xbox One if they bring in their old Sony Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 consoles. With the promotion, the Xbox One with Kinext comes in at just $400 and the value Xbox One without Kinect camera will come in at just $300.

    The promotion is available at Microsoft retail stores. Interested customers must bring in their old console in full working condition without any material damage.

    "To receive maximum trade-in value, you must trade-in a PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 E, Xbox 360 S console and purchase an Xbox One at the same time," Microsoft said, noting that all trade-ins are final so you can't change your mind and ask for your old system back if things don't work out.

    Are you ready to head to a Microsoft store and upgrade? Let us know!

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    Xbox One 1408

    The Xbox One 1408 (08 meaning the month of August) update preview is set to roll out in the coming days, but it's not known what this next release will bring to those rocking the preview app. According to an image sent in by a reader, it appears as though the update is actually rolling out early, or at least the first stage has kicked off. As one can see from the above photo, it's update 1408 on the Xbox One.

    Currently, Xbox One owners are enjoying 1407 (July's update). So what's new in the 1408 preview? We're not entirely sure just yet, but looking at the above image, there's a mention of remote downloading of apps and games by purchasing them on or through SmartGlass, waking up the console and automatically downloading content (console has to be configured for Instant on). Additionally, a low battery notification will be displayed on-screen when the controller runs low on juice.

    Finally, Microsoft is making it so the controller will vibrate when the Xbox button is held down long enough to carry out an action. There are other things listed in the photo, but we haven't yet received word as to what they are. Want to get involved with these previews? Be sure to check your Xbox Live account messages and download the app on your console. We're still working hard, trying to locate a full change log for 1408. Once we have one, we'll update this post.

    Thanks, Michael, for sending the image in!

    Microsoft layoffs slash into European Xbox division

    The massive Microsoft layoffs announced yesterday are cutting deep across the company, with the latest word of hits coming at Xbox EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Asia). While 2/3 of the cuts are hitting job redundancies with Microsoft Mobile division (formerly Nokia), substantial layoffs are expected across the organization. According to MCV, Xbox EMEA could see up to 75% of its staff cut, and the staff will have to duke it out for the remaining 25%.

    Xbox UK is apparently not being hit as hard, with a 10% cut in head count coming, though all contractor have reportedly been axed.

    Microsoft said that the cuts won't impact the impending launch of the Xbox One in 13 more European countries this September, and that they remain committed to said market:

    "We remain very committed to the market and will continue to support our local development teams. We believe that the UK has exceptional games industry talent and we'll continue to focus on game creation in the through Microsoft Studios like Rare, Lionhead Studios, Lift London and Soho Productions. Also, Europe continues to be an important market for Xbox, and we're excited to launch Xbox One to fans in 13 mainland European markets in September."

    What do you see coming of these cuts?

    Source: MCV


    Are you lucky enough to be at Comic-Con this year in San Diego? Then you're about to get even more stoked now that Xbox will be there. Microsoft is sending team Xbox down to San Diego to set up an Xbox lounge and booth. Games will be playable, you'll get your first look at the television series Halo: Nightfall and celebrities will be around all weekend.


    The Xbox Lounge at the Manchester Grand Hyatt will have nearly 25 games for you to play. Check out upcoming titles like Ori and the Blind Forest, Sunset Overdrive, Evolve and others!

    There will also be a variety of walk-up-and-play tournaments for Titanfall, Killer Instinct and Forza Motorsport 5. These tournaments are 'powered' by MLG and will also take place at the Xbox Gaming Lounge also in the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel.


    What's a trip to Comic-Con without a panel or two? Xbox will have a few of those as well. There are panels for Halo: Nightfall First-Look, The Fusion of Art and Style in Sunset Overdrive, Halo: The Master Chief Collection Developer Panel and Digging E.T. - Behind the Scenes of the Xbox Originals Documentary, "Atari: Game Over". Check the source link below for the dates, times and locations for the Xbox panels. We'd personally go check out Nightfall!


    Xbox is also teaming up with a few other entities to reach fans one-on-one while at Comic-Con. You should check actress Kristin Bauer van Straten from True Blood at the Xbox Lounge. Pedro Pascal (plays Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones) will also be at the Xbox Lounge during Comic-Con. You'll also find events with WWE and Hulu.

    Nerdist Xbox ONe

    Bonus: Win one of twenty custom Xbox One consoles at the Xbox Lounge! Check the screenshot above to see what one looks like.

    Anyone lucky enough to be at Comic-Con next week? Sound off below with what are you looking forward to checking out.

    Source: Everything Xbox at SDCC, Xbox Wire


    Updates are coming and improving the Xbox One at a breakneck pace. Just this morning we learned that update 1408 was rolling out to consoles over the new few days for those in the preview program. It will then come to others sometime in the month of August. But we didn't know exactly what was new in this update. At least we didn't have the full changelog. Now we do thanks to Xbox Live's Major Nelson, who has just shared all the new features in this update. Video and details below.

    Here's what's new in this update for your Xbox One:

    Activity feed updates

    • We're adding new ways for you to interact with friends in the activity feed. The interface will change to a single column scrolling list that is longer and includes more content. We'll add the ability to post text to your feed, and to "like" and comment on feed items. You can share game clips and anything else in the feed with friends either publically (to your activity feed) or privately (as an attachment to a message). You'll also be notified when anyone likes, comments on or shares your items. Each user will get a personal feed on their profile, so you can see what specific friends have been up to. And, with SmartGlass, you can see what your friends have shared to their activity feed and "like" specific posts (additional activity feed support coming in future SmartGlass updates).

    Expanded Friends area on Home

    • Right from Home, see what's going on with your friends. Stay up-to-date with their current activity, the top trending games your friends are playing, and a leaderboard to see who has been working the hardest on their Gamerscore. We're doing an extended preview on this, rolling it into the early access preview this month to a subset of our preview audience so we can refine it until it's ready for the entire Xbox One market.

    Mobile purchase

    • One of the most requested features on Xbox Feedback. Using Xbox SmartGlass or on, you can remotely purchase games and Add-on content. No more waiting to begin downloading when you get home – if your console is set to automatically take updates, your console will begin downloading your purchase.

    Low battery notification

    • You asked for it, now a notification will pop up when your controller battery is getting low.

    Disable notifications during video

    • Adding the ability to turn off notifications based feedback we heard from you.

    Enabling 3D Blu-ray

    • An update to the Blu-ray player app will enable 3D Blu-ray functionality on Xbox One.

    OneGuide in Brazil, Mexico, Austria and Ireland

    • Live TV listings can be configured for four new countries as part of this month's Preview program. And now there is an OneGuide Issue Reporter available under the TV & OneGuide settings, Troubleshooting section.

    Last seen time in Friends list

    • Direct from Xbox Feedback, the friends list will now show how long it's been since a friend has been online. For example, "Last seen 20m ago: Forza Motorsport 5."

    Sounds like a killer update! We're in the preview program, but didn't see the update available for us yet. Which feature above are you most looking forward to? Sound off below.

    Source: Major Nelson

    QuakeCon Ventrillo stage Doom reveal

    Yesterday your friendly neighborhood gaming editor travelled through the rain to Dallas, TX for QuakeCon. It was a totally uneventful trip and nothing dangerous or life shattering happened long the way, no sir. QuakeCon is Bethesda's annual fan convention, where visitors can compete in gaming tournaments, show off their PC case mods, and get some playtime with Bethesda games like The Evil Within and The Elder Scrolls Online.

    The largest draw for visitors of this year's QuakeCon was easily the chance to see id's new Doom game (also known as Doom 4) before anyone else! Bethesda showed the game in action during yesterday's welcome ceremony. That gameplay footage is not available online, so most gamers will have to wait until a later date to see Doom in action. Don't worry; Doom looks amazing.

    The Doom reveal

    To start with, id plays the same Doom teaser trailer that debuted last month. The video features a grim narration describing the basic theme of all Doom games: the unholy union of flesh and metal created by science gone wrong. We see the construction of a Cyberdemon, a towering minotaur-like beast with cybernetic parts and goat legs. The Doom title pops up.

    Next Marty Stratton, the executive producer of Doom delivers a presentation on the game. Although many gamers think of the new game as Doom 4, its title is simply Doom. The new Doom will be a reimagining of what made the original games great. He doesn't say it, but the upcoming title appears to draw much more inspiration from the first two Dooms than the third.

    The game starts outside of a UAC research facility on Mars. The Union Aerospace Corporation is the military research group whose experiments with teleportation end up unleashing demons from Hell in previous Doom games. The UAC facility is already suffering an invasion from hell when the new game begins.

    Stratton tells us that Doom will evolve how first-person shooters look and feel. The most important part of the game is combat. Fighting demons will be relentless, fast, fluid, and brutal. To have fast combat, you also need fast movement. This Doom does not involve taking cover and regenerating health, two common mechanics in modern shooters. No, players will be too busy charging forward, dodging projectiles, and smashing monsters instead.

    Doom reveal (no streaming)

    The new Doom runs on id's new Id Tech 6 game engine, colloquially referred to as id Tech 666. Although Stratton can't discuss the technology behind the game in detail just yet, he does reveal one important piece of information... Doom is targeted to run in 1080P at 60 frames per second. Presumably that applies to all platforms, including the Xbox One. We'll see!

    Next one of the game's producers takes to the stage and plays through two segments of the game. Or pretends to play – you never can tell with these presentations. At last, we catch a genuine glimpse of the new Doom.

    The demo starts with the player character putting on the iconic Doom marine helmet in first-person. A slick HUD pops up on the helmet visor. A futuristic door opens, revealing the UAC Energy Complex on Mars. The complex is filled with industrial technology, molten metal flowing beneath the machines and platforms. The place glows orange and yellow.

    As our hero looks around, he detects new information about the environment. The data gets archived for later viewing. He reaches a room with a switch that must be activated by hand scan. The marine tries his own hand but the system doesn't accept it. He looks around and finds the body of a dead scientist. That guy won't need his hand anymore, so the marine rips the forearm from the body and uses it to activate the switch. Who says switch puzzles need to be boring?

    Soon the protagonist encounters some of the monsters who have decimated the facility. Most of his opponents are zombies and demons. The demons throw fireballs that our hero swiftly dodges. Later he'll fight a mutated creature who wields a laser gun. Enemies often drop health and ammo when killed. The item gets pulled through the air into the player when he gets close to them – a nice effect.

    The combat really does look fast and brutal. This Doom features a surprising amount of melee attacks. It seems that any time the marine gets within arm's reach of a monster, he can grab and mutilate it in some way. He kicks them, punches them, and sometimes stomps their heads off. One enemy gets its head smashed to bits against a wall. Another has the misfortune of its entire torso being ripped in half. The Doom marine has been working out!

    The Doom weapons have become iconic over the years. Our hero liberates a double-barreled shotgun from a dead soldier, loading it dramatically. The audience cheers. He promptly uses it to blast the torso off of a monster, eliciting a similar reaction from the crowd. Later he acquires a very sexy plasma rifle that rapidly fires blue plasma bolts. The detail that goes into Doom's weapons really impresses.

    We see that a door has shut closed on a man's body, killing him, Prometheus-style. Boy Prometheus sucks, but that's neither here nor there. The marine pulls the doors open without sparing the dead dude a second thought. He takes more note of a hologram that pops up, recorded or transmitted by a woman named Jill Traverse. She delivers a cryptic message before vanishing. It looks like Doom will have a bit of a story, although maybe less than the slower-paced Doom 3.

    Doom Revenant

    Earlier the hero passed by a glass wall just as a Revenant flew off to parts unknown. The Revenant is a skeleton-like monster clad in battle armor. He finally runs into the Revenant head-on later in the level. Melee attacks work both ways in Doom, it turns out. The Revenant jumps onto the marine, rips his arm off, and beats him to death. Ouch!

    A second section of the demo takes place in a different UAC structure, along with several jaunts onto the rocky Martian surface. As the marine enters the surface, an Atmospheric Alert pops up on his HUD. The armor then pressurizes, allowing him to walk safely across the brown and gray land. Back inside the complex, someone has scrawled glowing pentagrams on the ground. Above them hang strips of flesh and guts.

    The hero of Doom can now jump, which opens a lot of possibilities in the level design. Sometimes he leaps across ruined walkways. Other times he jumps up and grabs hold of elevated platforms, pulling himself up to their level. Jumping even adds something to the combat. The marine jumps from a box onto an enemy, splattering its head.

    When the marine equips a chainsaw, the audience goes crazy. The chainsaw has been a melee weapon mainstay since the original Doom. The new one is even more devastating than previous models. Our hero uses it to slice an enemy straight down the middle. The unlucky monster tries to block the blow with his arms, to no avail.

    Doom Mancubus

    Later the hero encounters the Mancubus, a fat and bloated demon equipped with guns instead of hands. After nailing it with repeated rocket blasts, the monster is finally stunned. The marine reaches into monster's belly and pulls out its heart. He then shoves it down the thing's mouth, which causes it to explode for some reason. Brutality!

    Finally, the hero opens a door to a real boss encounter. Behind it towers the Cyberdemon, a two-story giant. The demo ends, leaving the battle to our imagination.

    Doom will come

    QuakeCon  2014

    The QuakeCon audience absolutely loved the Doom reveal. Of course, they are all rabid fans of id and Bethesda games. But Doom really does look like a fantastic update to the series. The pace and combat are much faster than that of Doom 3, a game that leaned more towards horror than previous titles. The melee kills and buckets of gibs make for exciting and varied combat. The foreboding atmosphere and demonic imagery scream classic Doom, yet they look better than ever.

    Doom is coming to Xbox One, PC, and Playstation 4 sometime next year. People who preordered Wolfenstein: The New Order will receive access to the Doom beta sometime before launch.

    More QuakeCon 2014 coverage coming soon!

    xbox originals

    A number of major advertising buyers are not happy with Microsoft's decision on Thursday to slowly shut down its Xbox Entertainment Studios division and cancel most of its plans to offer original television style content for Xbox Live users.

    Microsoft's move to end its TV production plans, made as part of its overall restructuring that will cause 18,000 of its employees to lose their jobs, came just three months after the Xbox Entertainment Studios team made their pitch to big ad buyers, showing them plans to offer a variety of scripted and documentary shows for Xbox Live users.

    Now all but a few of those shows have been cancelled and many of those ad buyers don't feel they can trust Microsoft's commitment to advertising. Vik Kathuria, the Global Chief Media Officer at Razorfish, was one of those folks who felt Microsoft has made a mistake in this area, saying, "It's insane given that's where the media business is headed…with one end focusing on programmatic and the other on original high-end content. Confidence will be hard to earn back after this."

    Microsoft will still help produce a few original shows, including its Halo live action TV series that boasts Steven Spielberg as one of its executive producers. Microsoft is partnering with the pay cable TV network Showtime on the Halo series and when asked about its current status, Showtime leader David Nevins stated, "My understanding is that they are not going to build a new streaming service, but Halo is their biggest property, and there is enormous will to find a way to bring it to a new media."

    What do you think of the decision by Microsoft to cancel most of its original TV plans?

    Source: Wall Street Journal; Deadline

    xbox one

    Microsoft has yet another new TV commercial for the Xbox One posted on their YouTube channel, with the claim that their latest console has the best games, combined with an inspiring speech from Rocky himself.

    The video shows clips of four games that are due for release on the console sometime in the fall of this year. Two are exclusive to the console: Halo The Master Chief Collection and Sunset Overdrive, while the other two games, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and Assassin's Creed Unity, will both be coming out for Sony's PlayStation 4 console.

    We are a bit surprised that Destiny didn't get a shout out in this commercial, especially considering that the Xbox One and Xbox 360 beta for Bungie's next game starts on Wednesday. Other games that we are personally looking forward to playing on the console include Forza Horizon, Evolve, Battlefield Hardline and Alien: Isolation.

    What's more surprising is that the background audio comes from a speech made by Rocky himself, Sylvester Stallone. The speech is edited from a sequence in the sixth film in the series, Rocky Balboa, where Rocky tries to offer his own brand of wisdom to his son. We are not quite sure what the connection is between this speech and the Xbox One, but it sure sounds cool.

    Which Xbox One games that are due to be released in the fall of 2014 are you most looking forward to playing?

    Source: Xbox on YouTube

    dance central spotlight

    Dance Central Spotlight, the first game in the popular dance series made exclusively for the Xbox One, will be released as a digital download on September 2 for the price of $9.99 by developer Harmonix and publisher Microsoft.

    Like the three previous Dance Central games made for the Xbox 360 console, Dance Central Spotlight will require the use of the Xbox One's Kinect motion gesture sensor. In other words, people who buy the new $399 SKU that doesn't have Kinect bundled with the console will be out of luck when it comes to playing this game.

    The rest of us will be able to dance the night away with 10 music tracks out of the digital box. They include:

    • Avicii – "Wake Me Up"
    • Cher Lloyd – "I Wish"
    • David Guetta ft. Sia – "Titanium"
    • Jason Derulo ft. 2 Chainz – "Talk Dirty"
    • Kid Ink ft. Chris Brown – "Show Me"
    • Lorde – "Royals"
    • OneRepublic – "Counting Stars"
    • Pharrell Williams – "Happy"
    • Rihanna – "Diamonds"
    • ft. Justin Bieber – "#thatPOWER"

    In addition, there will be 50 more songs that can be purchased and downloaded for Dance Music Spotlight for its launch, They will include pop classics like "Love Shack": from the B-52s and more recent hits like "Summertime Sadness" by Lana Del Rey.

    Microsoft adds:

    Add-on content from previously purchased versions of Dance Central for Xbox 360 are Spotlight-compatible, and easily loaded into the forthcoming game. And on top of that, Dance Central Spotlight features an expanded Fitness Mode, with special dance routines authored to focus on strength and cardio.

    Will you be shaking and grooving on Dance Central Spotlight when it is released in early September?

    Source: Xbox Wire

    xbox originals

    Microsoft announced last week they will slowly shut down their Xbox Entertainment Studios division, but at the moment it's still in operation. Now a employee at XES, Shane Small, has revealed hints about what the group is doing to add interactive elements to its now original television shows.

    Small is the latest guest for the Pointless podcast, a show hosted by Kevin Pereira, the former host of Attack of the Show on the now defunct G4 cable network. Small's chat with Pereira was recorded on Friday, the day after the team learned that Microsoft was shutting down XES, and Small admitted that for the most part they didn't expect to be part of the company's plans to lay off 18,000 of its workers.

    Small is still working at his job, and he told Pereira that he is a member of a smaller "skunkworks" team that's developing a series of interactive tools for the shows that were being developed at Xbox Entertainment Studios. While he didn't offer any hard details about those tools, Small hinted that they would have allowed viewers to not only interact with the shows via a "second screen" experience but also use the Xbox One's Kinect camera. Indeed, Small says that an example of that feature may have allowed viewers to actually put their faces in the background of a scene in the show while they watched it via the Kinect add-on.

    Microsoft is still developing a couple of their TV projects, including the planned Halo live action TV series, so it's possible that some of those interactive tools Small mentions in the podcast might still be used for that show when it is released. However, it's clear that he and his team had very ambitious plans for adding more interactive elements in Microsoft's planned TV show lineup and it's a shame that those plans will now have to be curtailed.

    What do you think about the decision to shut down Xbox Entertainment Studios and do you think Microsoft should have pulled the plug on their interactive TV show plans?

    Source: Pointless Podcast

    halo nightfall

    Microsoft has released the first image from Halo: Nightfall, showing off actor Mike Colter as Agent Locke, the lead character in the upcoming live action digital feature that will be released later this fall. Locke will also appear in Halo 5: Guardians, the next all new game in Microsoft's long running sci-fi shooter franchise for the Xbox One game console.

    Agent Locke is described as a member of one of the Spartan super soldiers that are so prominent in the Halo series, but apparently he is "troubled by the military industrial complex he inhabits." In a chat with Variety, Colter says that Halo: Nightfall was made to not only please fans of the game series "but it's also designed so newcomers to the franchise, like me, can easily enter the Halo universe, identify with the characters and be entertained by the story being told on screen."

    People who will attend the annual San Diego Comic-Con this week will be able to check out a panel devoted to Halo: Nightfall on Thursday, where the first footage from the feature will be shown to the public.

    Like Microsoft's last Halo live action venture, Forward Unto Dawn, the new Halo: Nightfall is being shot like a feature film but will later be released online in several chapters on Xbox Live. The full film will be included in copies of Halo: The Master Chief Collection, which will offer Xbox One gamers a way to play Halo 1-4 in November before Halo 5: Guardians is released sometime in 2015.

    Are you looking forward to seeing Halo: Nightfall this fall?

    Source: Variety

    Microsoft has announced the release of the official GoPro app for its Xbox One game console, a few months after it launched a similar app for the older Xbox 360.

    Like the Xbox 360 and Windows 8 apps, the Xbox One version allows users to watch tons of extreme sports videos made by owners of the small GoPro cameras.

    The launch of this latest app includes four exclusive videos that were made especially for the Xbox One app. It also lets users share videos with others, along with a way to buy GoPro cameras and accessories directly from the app.

    Microsoft also announced today that it has already recorded nearly half a million downloads of the GoPro app for the Xbox 360 since it was released in April. Worldwide, users have watches an average of 18 minutes of GoPro videos via the app per session, and that average goes up to 30 minutes in the US.

    Microsoft added:

    User-generated content is huge on Xbox and is expected to continue to grow as GoPro joins other popular apps like YouTube and Twitch. The Xbox-GoPro relationship helps support GoPro's initiative to grow content distribution and expand community reach worldwide, and we're very excited to participate in these efforts with the launch on Xbox One.

    What do you think of GoPro being added to the Xbox One app lineup?

    Source: Xbox Wire


    Microsoft will hold a special event at their retail store in San Diego on Wednesday to celebrate the start of the four day beta test for Destiny on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles.

    The event will be held at 5 pm local time at the Microsoft Store located in the Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego. The first 100 people who show up will get keys to download and play the beta test of Bungie's upcoming and long awaited sci-fi shooter, which will last from that date until July 26th. The store itself will have people playing the beta version and live streaming their efforts to Twitch. People who wish to attend can RSVP by going to the official Microsoft Store Facebook page.

    After the Destiny event is over, the same Microsoft Store will place host to yet another gathering sponsored by the gaming hardware and accessory maker Razer to help promote their Razer Blade gaming notebook. That event lasts from 6 to 8:30 pm, followed by an after party from 9 to 11 with a DJ, refreshments and raffles all night.

    If you will be in San Diego on Wednesday, do you plan to drop by the Microsoft Store for all the festivities?

    Source: Major Nelson; Microsoft Store